Hilary says:
In 2005 I had a mastectomy and this had a massive impact on my self confidence, a lot more than I could have ever believed possible. I fully understand how you can go from being a very confident outgoing person to someone who just wants to hide away and bury your head in the sand. I know the problems you face when you need to buy new underwear to fit your very different body shape and you just end up in tears and feel even worse about yourself. I also know that trying to buy clothes to cover up your different body shape is not a good experience. You buy things that will do the job, rather than what you like. We all know how it makes you feel if you go out feeling good in what you are wearing, you stand tall, look confident, you really sell it. But of course if we go out feeling glum about what we look like then guess how it makes you feel, yes you got it, GLUM, and everyone in the room will pick up on how you are feeling and yes probably avoid speaking to you! And how will that make you feel? GLUM. So let me help you find the old you again with some advice on shopping right for your new figure from someone who has been there. Give me a call, or click the buttons.

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If you are a breast cancer sufferer, or the friend or relative of a sufferer, and feel that you would like a chat with someone that has been through it, then please give me a call, no charge. Or fill in the one-to-one booking form if you would prefer me to call you.