A teaser session on exactly what Hilary does, a session of interaction and tea! Yes a winning formula to a new you! And I’m sure we all thought liposuction and a session with a shrink was the only way to look good and feel good about ourselves! But no, Hilary truly believes that we all have it in us to be more confident and outgoing and to feel and look fabulous. These sessions will be interactive but in a fun and comfy atmosphere, not a moaning morning but a mo-tea-vational morning! The idea is for you to go away from this session with Hilary from Shapesmith feeling energized and empowered.

The morning is all about you gaining valuable insights on how to be the best you can be. ¬†Drawing on Hilary’s eleven years expertise advising on diet, exercise and well-being, and personal flair for style and colour, plus the combined experiences of the group, you will feel inspired and motivated, ready to take on new challenges, and change. So come along, and let’s forge a new you.

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