Hilary was a Rosemary Conley diet and fitness instructor for nearly 11 years and is well qualified to give practical advice on diet and exercise. Hilary was once 4 stone heavier than she is now and really knows how it feels to need to lose weight and feel better about yourself. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, she really knows the benefits of being a healthy BMI. The recovery time after surgery was so much quicker and keeping up with regular exercise meant that she was more mentally able to cope with the chemotherapy and radiotherapy that followed. Exercise isn’t just important for weight loss but for the feel good factor and as we get older for keeping us mobile. Hilary strongly believes that as far as weight loss is concerned there is no magic solution or quick fix, it boils down to 3 key points

  1. How much food goes in to your mouth
  2. How much of it we burn off by exercising
  3. How badly we want it !

It is simply mind over matter (or mind over cake!). Following a healthy varied diet and getting plenty of exercise will, as far as Hilary is concerned, be the winning formula. Hilary provides exercise classes for keeping fit, weigh-in sessions for keeping your weight on track, and is available to talk to you about your own personal dietary and health needs and give one to one support.

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