I absolutely love fruit. As  child my mum used to call me a fruit bat!

I feel that most people think that snacking on fruit is the healthiest option and in some ways it is. However when you compare the calories in fruit to say that in salad or vegetables there is quite a difference.

All per 100g

Apples 51  cals /oranges 40 cals /blueberries 60 cals /banana 103 cals /kiwi 55 cals /grapes 66 cals

Carrot 34 cals / courgette 18 cals /green beans 25 cals / bean sprouts 32 cals / mushroom 16 cals

Lettuce 18 cals / cucumber 10 cals / celery 8 cals / radish 13 cals / yellow pepper 27 cals / tomato 20 cals

Fruit is very good for you but when trying to lose weight you do have to keep an eye on the amount you eat. I just weighed 10 grapes and they weighed 49g x66 cals per 100g =32 calories! They were eaten in less than a minute and unless I’d written them on my food diary they would have been forgotten just as quickly. When preparing vegetables for a meal why not peel and chop a few extra’s into a container for picking on, or when making a salad sandwich put an extra little bowl full together so it is handy. A large bowl of basic salad items would give you the same number of calories as 1 piece of fruit.

The lowest calorie fruits are melon / raspberries / strawberries.

Check out my video blog on Wednesday for a delicious fruity dessert.