I hope that you’ve taken the time to watch my pizza making video.click here to watch the video. Here is the recipe that I made including the quantities and calories.

Wrap (small) 29g/86 cals      Tomato puree 28g/25 cals    Peppers 45g/12 cals  Red onion 44g/16 cals   Mushrooms 30g/4 cals   Mozzarella 69g/122 cals    sprinkle of mixed herbs & ground black pepper

Total calories 265  place in the oven gas 6 /200 C/ 400 F for 15-20 minutes or until mozzarella browns.


Health benefits of adding peppers to your meals.

Red peppers contain antioxidants and a  high amount of vit C. By eating just 100g of raw red pepper would contain twice the daily recommended amount  of vitamin C. It would also give you half the daily recommendation of antioxidants for optimal health. Try some different recipes using peppers follow this link to get a few ideas.