asda pizza

It is really important that whilst trying to lose weight that you still feel that you can enjoy all of your favourite foods. I like pizza occasionally and I discovered a nice recipe in a 5:2 cookbook. It is nice to be able to make a pizza using some of your favourite ingredients. By using more of the lower calorie foods and less of the higher calorie one’s you can really save yourself precious calories and still enjoy your meals. On my eating plan any food is allowed but I’m sure that once you get confident counting calories you will start to make smarter choices to save calories. I try to beat the calories that a recipe tells me it contains! I use more of the lower calorie ingredients and less of the higher calorie one’s.

The Asda crispy sweet chilli chicken pizza contains 738 calories! This sounds a lot but remember this is only a thin base, the deep based or stuffed crust will be even more and what about cheese!

On Wednesday’s blog I have filmed a video showing you how to make your own pizza and will reveal how many calories are in it.