Have you ever been totally frustrated by going shopping on your own for a new outfit ? You ¬†feel like you spend hours walking around from one shop to another, not knowing what looks good. Often you’re being advised by a sales assistant that either just wants to make a sale, or would rather be texting or chatting than advising you on what you look fabulous in! Have you ever dragged your other half out on a shopping trip and been told “yes dear that looks great” when you know that he would rather be watching the footy or playing golf ? And the dress looks awful!

Do you know what body shape you are? Well look no further Hilary is just what you need, your very own advisor on looking and feeling fab. It’s amazing how it ¬†boosts your self confidence by dressing right for your body shape, and it can make you look a few pounds lighter! Hilary has local knowledge of the shops in Wellington, Taunton, Exeter & Tiverton, so this cuts down the time trekking from shop to shop. When booking a personal shopping experience fill in the shape guide. This helps Hilary research sizes and styles available in the stores.
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