What are Shapesmith Shillings?


Shapesmith Shillings are a great way to get the most out of Shapesmith. When buying most Shapesmith services you can either pay fully in cash, or up to half the amount can be paid with Shapesmith Shillings.

How do I get Shapesmith Shillings?

Every time you pay full price for any Shapesmith service you will be credited with one Shapesmith Shilling for each pound spent.

How do I spend Shapesmith Shillings?

You can pay up to half of the cost of most Shapesmith services with Shapesmith Shillings. Each Shapesmith Shilling is equivalent to one pound. You can use your Shapesmith Shillings to help pay for one-to-one consultations, personal shopping, and Mo-tea-vation a.m. coffee mornings. You cannot use them to pay for exercise or Shapesmith WeightTracker sessions, you must pay full price, which means that you always get Shapesmith Shillings credit for these.

Do I get Shapesmith Shillings every time I spend?

You only receive Shapesmith Shillings credit when you pay full price for a service. If you decide to part-pay for a service with Shapesmith Shillings, you will not be credited with any Shapesmith Shillings, even for the cash amount paid.

Do I get Shapesmith Shillings if I pay by standing order?

Yes, your Shapesmith Shilling credit will be updated when your payment comes through.

Can I give my Shapesmith Shillings to a friend?

No, Shapesmith Shillings are strictly non-transferable.

Can I exchange my Shapesmith Shillings for cash?

No, Shapesmith Shillings have no cash value.

Examples of using Shapesmith Shillings

1) Over a months period you and two friends have attended four Shapesmith Xpress with WeightTracker sessions and have each accrued 24 Shapesmith Shillings credit. The three of you decide it would be great fun to have an afternoons personal shopping experience with The Shapesmith. The full price for each of you is £26.99, but you all decide to pay the maximum of one half (13) in Shapesmith Shillings. So you each pay only £13.99 in cash and 13 Shapesmith Shillings, leaving each of you 11 Shapesmith Shillings in credit. Later you decide you need some one-to-one help with your home exercise regime. The full price is £29.95 but you choose to use your remaining Shillings. You pay £18.95 and 11 Shapesmith shillings for the hour long consultation and have no Shapesmith Shillings credit remaining. You look amazing and feel fantastic.

2) You pay for an exercise class at £4.99 and receive 5 Shapesmith Shillings credit. Later in the month you attend a Mo-tea-vation a.m. coffe morning, full price £4.99, and pay only £2.99 cash, and two Shapesmith Shillings, leaving you three Shapesmith Shillings still in credit. You’ve had such an enjoyable morning, and feel re-energised and ready to take on the weekend. You can’t believe the amazing value that Shapesmith gives.

3) You have attended ‘Shape-up with The Shapesmith’ sessions for a month and so have 20 Shapesmith Shillings in credit. You then decide to pay full price for a one hours diet consultation at £29.99 and receive another 30 Shapesmith Shillings. You now have 50 Shapesmith Shillings in credit. Later you need a wedding outfit and party dress and decide to have a days personal shopping experience, full price £119.95. You pay £69.95 in cash and 50 Shapesmith shillings, using all of your Shapesmith Shillings credit. At the end of your day you come away convinced that Hilary really does know what she’s talking about. You’ve had a fantastic day, your best shopping experience ever, and you have several outfits which you know you look great in, and will wear again and again.