What is Shapesmith WeightTracker?

Shapesmith WeightTracker is a personal weight tracking system that enables you to easily monitor your weight in a disciplined fashion. You attend a Shapesmith WeightTracker session and The Shapesmith weighs you on calibrated scales. Many people concerned with maintaining their ideal weight find this is a useful motivational tool.

When and where can I attend a Shapesmith WeightTracker session?

WeightTracker sessions are held several times a week at the Shapesmith exercise venues. Each exercise session begins and ends with a fifteen minute WeightTracker session, and you may be able to weigh-in at either session. The first WeightTracker session is strictly fifteen minutes long so as not to delay the start of the workout. This may mean that, if you are also exercising, you have to weigh-in at the post-exercise session if time runs out. If you are not also exercising it may be best to attend the later WeightTracker session. Please wait at the queueing point, and remove your outer clothing, and shoes if you prefer, while waiting, for greater efficiency at the scales.

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What does a Shapesmith WeightTracker session cost?

The cost of a WeightTracker session depends upon wether you take part in the exercise session and wether you pay in cash, per session, or by monthly standing order.

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What information does Shapesmith WeightTracker provide?

Ideally you will sign up to receive your WeightTracker information by email. Your WeightTracker email will show your current weight, a graph of your weight over time, your current and starting Body Mass Index (BMI), your estimated Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and a suggested daily calorie allowance. There will also be healthy life-style and eating tips.

As an alternative to the email system you may record your weight using pen and card.