At the mo-tea-vation AM session at Tiverton last Friday Hilary did a low fat cake tasting and gave out the recipes. Someone asked how many calories were in a slice, so I thought I would do the sums:

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Barabith cake:

Ingredient Amount (grams) Calories (per) Total Calories
Self raising flour 625 355(100g) 2219
Dark brown sugar 550 380(100g) 2090
Mixed fruit 375 220(100g) 825
Mixed spice 4 4(1g) 16

Method: Mix all ingredients thoroughly and bake in a loaf tin for about 2hrs, gas mark 3.

This made two cakes (so reduce the cooking time) and each was cut into about twelve slices, so it works out at about 215 calories a slice.

Kasutera cake:

Ingredient Amount (grams) Calories (per) Total Calories
Bread flour 95 361(100g) 343
Caster sugar 169 400(100g) 676
Eggs 4 85(per egg) 340
Honey 30 304(100g) 90
Milk (SS) 30ml 50(100ml) 15

Method: Mix milk and honey. Whisk eggs, gradually adding sugar. Place over warm water and whisk until white. Mix in honey and milk. Gently fold in the sifted flour. Bake in a tin and put in oven pre-heated at gas 4 for ten minutes. Turn oven down to gas mark 1-2 and bake for a further 40 mins.

This made one cake, so cut into twelve it works out at about 120 calories a slice. Both cakes taste good, but it’s obviously best to go for the second one if you’re weight-watching. Not too surprising, there’s much more air in it.